Meet our beautiful Percheron draft horses & choose your



Luke is an all white Percheron gelding. He has been with St. Louis Carriage Co. since 2004 and is 11 years old. He loves apples and carrots, but his favorite treat is peppermints! Luke has taken a particular liking to his favorite driver Ed. They have developed quite a bond. Come on downtown and take a ride with Ed & Luke!


Turtle is a beautiful white Percheron draft horse. He is 9 years old and is a fantastic addition to our growing family! He gets along well with his stable mates and is the sweetest thing on four legs. He truly enjoys it when you talk to him and he responds with a curiosity that is just incredibly endearing. You’ll want to take him home once you meet him!


Larry is a 13 year old Percheron draft horse. He is black with a white star on his head. Larry loves to roll around in the dirt on his days off and boy does he like to eat. So if you take a ride with Larry don’t put your fingers near his mouth, he make think you’re a sweet treat!


Chuck is a 9 year old Black Percheron draft horse. He is one of the larger boys in the barn, but you wouldn’t know it from his personality. He has been with us since 2010 and has fit right in. His stable mates call him “Chuckles” because he has quite the sense of humour. He is kind, gentle and loves children. If you need some cheering up, or just want to meet an amazing horse, come and find Chuckles!


Cash is a 6 year old black Percheron draft horse. As one of the youngest horses in the barn he is still learning the ropes. He is doing wonderfully and really enjoys meeting new people. Cash has a good career ahead of him with a great retirement plan (which is more than I can say for myself). He hopes to see you soon!


Charlie is a gorgeous dapple grey Percheron Draft Horse. He is 11 years old and joined the company in August of 2010. He has made an excellent addition and quickly has become one of our favorites. He is built like a tank and stands out in a crowd where ever he goes. He is big, bold, honest, true and gives 100% everytime he works. (He sure enjoys his long vacations though!) You can usually find Charlie hanging out on Laclede’s Landing waiting to meet you! Come and take a ride with Charlie!

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